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As a Breeder, there will come that moment that you realize that it is time for a
Dearly Loved Dam to move into her retirement years.
That time has now come for our Erra Marcona.  With her best life in mind we are now....


in search of...

A Very Active and Fun Retirement Home for Erra Marcona. A place where Erra will be incorporated into the DAILY routine of One Particular Individual
That Would Include:
Daily Energetic Activity, Outings, and being INSIDE with her new owner consistently. Erra will do best in a single dog environement (her being the singular dog). Although Erra is not a trained emotional support dog, she is a "natural" at doing just that. She is Super Affectionate and Very Intuitive to our emotions; she will be at your side in a heartbeat if she feels you are upset in anyway. It would be exceptional if her new owner would be proactive in learning a variety of her Schutzhund commands just for fun (a video of how to do this will be provided). The most important thing of all is that she would be Greatly Loved!

Erra's Life Highlights

Erra has accomplished so much in the first 8 years of her life. She began life with a skilled trainer, Antonin Hanzal, in the Czech Republic who brought her to her full potential in the Schutzhund Sport Arena, where she quickly accomplished a highly titled status.

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Moving on from there, Erra became a mama. She produced progeny that became yet another proof of her excellent genetics in their work, temperament, and health.

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 At the age of almost 5 years old, Erra became a part of Brave and Faithful K9 German Shepherds breeding program. Because we incorporate all of the GSDs that reside with us into our daily family activities,
We have a special insight into Erra (See Pics of Erra).
Erra is the most affectionate GSD we have ever had. If you don't pet her, she WILL pet you. At 80lbs, she still dearly loves to be a lap dog and can curl up in a small ball next to you on the couch if you will just give her the signal that she is welcomed beside you...or she is just as happy to lay right on top of you.

Erra also has a NOT so secret ball fetish (notice how many pics she has with her ball) and most often will be seen with 2 balls in her mouth! If she is very intent on keeping a ball away from Rone (Our Male GSD), she figures out how to get 3 in her mouth at once...LOL!

After all of her intense training, Erra is excellent at general obedience, great on outings into the community, and Super Fun to just "work" even if you are a novice at Schutzhund.
She will make an amazing full-time companion as her new occupation!

Erra's Health History

All of Erra's Health Care while at Brave and Faithful K9 has been provided by professional veterinary care. A huge "Thank You" to Great Plains Veterinary Services for ALWAYS taking great care of our GSDs!

1. DOB: January 2015

2. all Vaccinations UTD

3. Monthly Heartwormer

4. Original Hip & elbow scores


HD A(0/0), ED (1/0)

5. DM Clear N/N

6. Back & Hip X-Rays
January 2023


7. No presentation of any current negative health issues

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