erra marcona x lanzo van arne's hoeve

our dream Pairing!

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v4-Erra Marcona ipo3, zvv3, fh2, fpr3, zps1, KKL1


Sg-lanzo van arne's hoeve ad, bh, ipo3, mr1, kkl

ERRA MARCONA is a highly titled, working-line, Czech Import and dream GSD for Brave and Faithful K9 German Shepherds.  One would need to search world-wide to find a working-line female that could equal her accomplishments The titles that she has obtained are enough to showcase her amazing abilities. By the young age of 22 months old, she had passed 10 working exams including top IPO3, ZVV3 ("Only 3 to 5 dogs yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash" Ehert German Shepherds), and FH2. Erra has since added FPR1, 2, & 3 titles to her resumé. Erra’s breed survey results are excellent as well: Breed Survey: 5JV1/P. 

Erra is an extremely dark sable and is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. She is V4 rated (Excellent in Show) and has a beautiful head. Her temperament is EXTREMELY CONFIDENT; and yet, she is very social. Not only is she a fantastic sport dog, she is also a very REAL dog.

Titles, Scores, & Dates of Accomplishments

ZVV1 (100,92,93)-5/1/16

BH (55)-5/15-16

ZVV2 (98,72,92)-5/29/16

IPO1 (99,94,92)-7/5/16

FH1 (99)-7/24/16

IPO2 (99,91,84)-8/20/16

IPO3 (100,90,84)-9/4/16

FH2 (98)-8/25/16

ZVV3 (98,86,86)-10/30/16

ZPS1 (96,96)-11/12/16

FPR1 (100)-5/28/17

FPR2 (98)-9/16/17

FPR3 (97)-10/22/17


health testing

Hips and Elbows: HD a(0/0), ED (1/0) 

DM Clear: N/N

Brucellosis: Clear

Lanzo Van Arne’s Hoeve, EQUALLY DISTINCTIVE, is described by Brian Aghajani (Trainer, Author, & Photographer) as follows: 


"Lanzo Van Arne's Hoeve, MR1, IPO3, SG KKL is the Bo Jackson of Working Dog Sports. Bo Jackson is the only athlete in history to be named an All-Star in both baseball and football, and one of few to do so in two major sports.

Lanzo arguably did the equivalent in the world of dog sports by competing at nationals in both IGP (IPO) and Mondioring. In November 2017, Lanzo earned 6th place with 89/93/90 272 P at the USCA IPO Nationals. This by itself is an incredible accomplishment. But owner Samantha Barnes had the goal of also competing at the Mondioring Nationals. The GSD breed does not commonly compete in Mondioring, Malinois have an advantage due to being lighter and quicker. But Lanzo has an advantage over most GSDs, as he is compact and Malinois like quick. It took 12 months for them to make it happen. Lanzo is a son of Quardes von Der Staatsmache, who has sired Debby vom Eisernen Kreuz, the 2017 WUSV World Champion, as well as Dexter vom Eisernen Keruez who is a US National Champion. He was handled by Brad Hardin, they were the only alternate breed (non-Malinois) at the 2019 USMRA National Championships. They didn’t just show, they delivered! They took home 2nd Place in Level 1 with 182 points."

Titles, RATINGS, & Awards

AD, BH, MR1, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, SG, 



6th place, 89/93/90 272 P, 11/2017



April 2019

Vice Champion, Level 1 w/182/200 points

Decoy's Choice Award

health testing

Hips: OFA: Good()

Elbows: OFA Normal()

DM Clear: N/N

Brucellosis: Clear

We have been very blessed to have met and formed a relationship with the owner of Lanzo Van Arnes’s Hoeve, Samantha Barnes of BLACK LATCH WORKING DOGS, & Brad Hardin, Lanzo’s trainer/handler and owner of SOUTHERN WARRIOR K9.   Samantha’s kind, personal, enthusiastic demeanor and love for working dogs coupled with Brad’s 15 years of training experience have made them an amazing team in which to work!

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