the dream

behind the name

for ourselves & our clients



Check out one of our favorite books: "Between Heaven & Hollywood"  David A.R. White

"Actor in and Producer of The Blockbuster Movie 

 God's Not Dead"

Our "DREAM BIG" Litter


Named because of our own personal “Big Dreams” and our absolutley Dream Pairing: Dam, V4-Erra Marcona IPO3, ZVV3, FPR3, FH2, ZPS1, KKL1 & Sire, SG-Lanzo van Arne's Hoeve BH, AD, IPO3, MR1, KKL, Mondioring World Championship Competitor, Placed 6th at the 2017 USCA IPO Nationals!

We want our clients to

“Dream Big” too!

We believe the working foundation that is being bred into these Erra & Lanzo puppies will give others who have “Big Dreams” an Incredible Head Start by beginning with puppies with NATURAL ABILITIES that have been proven generationally in parents, grandparents, great grandparents, & beyond!

Whether it be competing in IGP, Mondoring, Agility, or just having the most Amazing German shepherd you have always wanted as a part of your active family, we believe with all of our hearts that these puppies will deliver!

Over the past few years, We have seen some of our own dreams come to life, and we want to help give that experience to others.


It truly is amazing when a

Dream Becomes Reality!

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