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puppy blueprints training

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"We are over the moon with our precious Valeria ‘Stormy’ Vom Clouse. She came to us with basic obedience training (sit, stay, heel, potty, and crate trained) which is very important to us... Val is a very strong and confident girl and is always on guard...everyone at Brave and Faithful K9 raises beautiful and intelligent dogs" Michelle Ponton-Ayala BFK9 Client



This option is for our BFK9 puppies from 8 to 12 weeks old.  This is all about creating an excellent foundation for your puppy's beginning life work by following

Our Specially BFK9 Designed & Tested

Puppy Blueprints Training


Their is so much excitement in having a new puppy sit, down, come, walk on a leash, and more for the very first time.  It is so very tempting to define the puppy as being successful by how QUICKLY he/she can accomplish these tasks. While teaching obedience to your new puppy is SUPER important, it is not the first thing that we target.  Making sit, down, and stay as your first goals won't make you happy, your puppy happy, or create a solid foundation for great fun and training.  Sitting and downing become insignificant when you have a puppy that is frantic in its crate or kennel, doesn't understand the concept of pottying in a designated area, and lacks confidence in new experiences.


Can we all just say, "If my puppy cries/whines or goes potty in his/her crate or kennel one more time, it is definitely someone else's turn to take care of them...even if there is no one else available!"


The primary tasks for a puppy in their new little world at this age are

 being introduced to and practicing appropriate habits

and having many new and positive experiences socially and environmentally.  

These things are part of building a foundation that will help to create a path to success for your puppy to being a truly fun and loved part of a family,

curiously confident in new experiences, and on-their-way to becoming a trustworthy, confident companion and worker in their community. 

Laying this part of the foundation can be a daunting task and requires time, dedication and consistency, consistency, consistency from the puppy's new owner.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you or you would just love some help moving in this direction, then let us help you get started in laying this foundation by putting your puppy through our

 Puppy Blueprints Training!



click box for pics & more




Click box for pics & more

Training  will be provided by our very own IGP/Schutzhund Trainer/Handler/Breeder,  Megan Clouse, whose credentials speak for themselves.  Megan has been training in the sport of IGP/Schutzhund (Obedience, Tracking, and Protection) for the past 3 & 1/2 years.  During this time, Megan has gained valuable insight not only from personal research but also from pursuing practical apprenticeships with professionals who have been working in the areas of breeding and training in Schutzhund for decades.  In the past 2 years, she has attended 2 incredible seminars with Professional European Trainers, Peter & Connie Scherk & Renata Machova Angelovova.  She has a passion for furthering her knowledge and training skills by constantly continuing to learn from those who have gone before her; researching relentlessly, and training, training, training!  

Peruse our Facebook @Braveandfaithfulk9 and website  to see all of her accomplishments in the past

3 & 1/2 years with her personal GSDs as well as current training videos and updates.

We are most happy to answer questions and expect to have detailed conversations with the puppy's new owner about our BFK9 Puppy Blueprints Training and go over all of the expectations the owner has for their new little guy/gal!




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