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Our Philosophy

Utility IS Beauty

We are strong believers that the German shepherd was originally bred to be a working dog. The Father of the breed, Max von Stephanitz said,

“Utility is the True Criterion of Beauty,”

and we hold fast to that. While we do want our dogs to be beautiful in appearance, it is not the number one goal in which we are striving. We believe that the true magnificence of the breed rests upon its amazing capabilities to carry out a task .


In our initial search for a German shepherd, we were surprised at how difficult it was to find a quality, healthy, working-line puppy and were quite disheartened for a time.


After our experience,

we are devoted to making your search one that is enjoyable and filled with anticipation. 


Our passion for training and raising quality German shepherds inspires us to a life-time of learning and growing in our understanding and qualifications for the work that we have set before us.  We have gained valuable insight not only from personal research but also from pursuing practical apprenticeships with professionals who have been working in the areas of breeding and training in IGP/Schutzhund for decades. 

We believe in the importance of learning from a variety of perspectives, not just one ideology.

This has played and will continue to play a vital role in our endeavor to produce puppies with: Exceptional Temperaments, Superior Workability, and to always practice our due diligence in striving for Excellent Health.  

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Meet Our Family


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Greg Clouse

It is awesome being a part of Brave and Faithful K9 because it is a family business that involves my wife, Janie, and my daughter, Megan.


I love Working-Line German shepherds

and am constantly amazed at what they can do. My wife and I have had German shepherds in our family since the early stages of our marriage 26 years ago and counting.  They truly have been part of our family.


My job at Brave and Faithful K9 is very glamorous, and I am always in the spotlight:).  I handle the business side of things, build kennels and training equipment, clean kennels, provide 

transportation to and from training/trials, maintain the property, occasionally put on the bite sleeve, assist with training, and whatever else Janie and Megan need me to do.


It is absolutely cool to support my daughter in her dream to train, trial, and raise Working-Line German shepherds.  My tag line is,

“Careers are 

temporary, Family is Forever, so invest your time wisely."


Janie Clouse

I wear many “hats” for our family business and am most happy and comfortable to be the behind-the-scenes support personnel. 


Most of my time is spent with Megan as her daily training partner and second set of eyes. On cold days (this would include 55 degrees and under) you will find me in my ski bibs, coat, gloves, a hat, and Bogs.  It’s the only way Megan gets a training partner on the field in cold weather. From time-to-time, I wimp out and opt for observation from the car.   


I am the photographer, videographer, traveling companion, communications and sales representative, and canine supervisor (Yes, I made the last one up because it sounds impressive). This really just means that I work with the dogs in any way that is helpful and that I clean, clean, and clean more: kennels, dogs, crates, vehicle, yard, house, etc.--Because if you don’t, everything becomes one big fur ball.


It is a true gift from God to be part of our family business. I love my husband and my adult children and can't think of anything better than working side-by-side with any of them!


Megan Clouse

Here at Brave and Faithful K9, I am the BFK9 Schutzhund/


trainer, avid researcher, and professional puppy holder. I love the German shepherd breed, and it has always been my dream and passion to raise, train, and produce these 

extremely intelligent creatures. Starting our family business was the beginning of making that dream a reality.


I have been training in the sport of Schutzhund (IGP) for 6+ years now. It has been a major learning experience for me-almost like discovering a whole new world. There is always a new training method to learn and I am constantly trying to figure out how to perfect each of our dogs in their obedience, tracking, and protection work. 


My first priority as the dog trainer is to honor God in everything that I do; in the end, it is God who makes things prosper, and that is what I cling to.


I am very blessed and excited to be a part of our family business and  look forward to what the future holds for us. 


Michaele Clouse

Michaele, mom, mother-in-law, & Grandmama, has always encouraged our children, her grandkids, to “Do Hard Things” and believed that they could accomplish whatever they set out to do.  


She loves our country and the ideals that it was founded on and has encouraged all of us to develop the interests and gifts that we naturally 

have through personal ingenuity. 


She has traveled with us all over.  She has watched Megan work her dogs on and off the field, watched dog videos, viewed puppy and dog pictures, listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of puppy/dog conversations, and has been at our sides for Megan's most important events. 


She is part of our family business in an indirect way…just humbly behind the scenes. We credit her for planting the vision in our minds that we could ever possibly have our own family business one day.  


What would we do without the generations that have come before us!