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Meet Our Family

I wear many “hats” for our family business and am most happy and comfortable to be the behind-the-scenes support personnel. 


Most of my time is spent with Megan as her daily training partner and second set of eyes. On cold days (this would include 55 degrees and under) you will find me in my ski bibs, coat, gloves, a hat, and Bogs.  It’s the only way Megan gets a training partner on the field in cold weather. From time-to-time, I wimp out and opt for observation from the car.   


I am the photographer, videographer, traveling companion, communications and sales representative, and canine supervisor (Yes, I made the last one up because it sounds impressive). This really just means that I work with the dogs in any way that is helpful and that I clean, clean, and clean more: kennels, dogs, crates, vehicle, yard, house, etc.--Because if you don’t, everything becomes one big fur ball.


It is a true gift from God to be part of our family business. I love my husband and my adult children and can't think of anything better than working side-by-side with any of them!

Michaele, mom, mother-in-law, & Grandmama, has always encouraged our children, her grandkids, to “Do Hard Things” and believed that they could accomplish whatever they set out to do.  


She loves our country and the ideals that it was founded on and has encouraged all of us to develop the interests and gifts that we naturally 

have through personal ingenuity. 


She has traveled with us all over.  She has watched Megan work her dogs on and off the field, watched dog videos, viewed puppy and dog pictures, listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of puppy/dog conversations, and has been at our sides for Megan's most important events. 


She is part of our family business in an indirect way…just humbly behind the scenes. We credit her for planting the vision in our minds that we could ever possibly have our own family business one day.  


What would we do without the generations that have come before us!

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