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Meet Our Family


Greg Clouse


Police Officer

Builder & Fixer of

All Things "Dog Ranch"

"Careers are temporary, family is forever, so invest your time wisely."


Janie Clouse


Spoiler of our Dogs & Puppies


Training Assistant

Cleaner of All Things Dog!

"It is my desire that we will make a difference in the lives of those we serve through our business and that Jesus can be seen in all that we do."


Megan Clouse

Brave and Faithful K9 Trainer

Accomplished IGP trainer with 7+ years of experience earning multiple titles with our

Brave and Faithful K9 Dams & personal GSDS, is a Certified Decoy/Helper, Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, & has had 70+ Brave and Faithful K9 puppies pass through her beginning training  & evaluation. 

Also duals as a comedian:)

"My first priority is to honor God in everything I do."


Michaele Clouse


Loves our country and the ideals it was founded on. Encourages her family in personal ingenuity.

Planted the vision in our family of being able to create and own our own family business!

The Generations that come before us!


A Dream and A Promise

An amazing German shepherd puppy imported straight from the Czech Republic was the first step in our dream of building our future family business BUT...

Little Rone Puppies Were Never To Be


“Here’s the deal,” said Megan's dad...


"If you save half of the cost of the dog that you would like to purchase, I will match that amount.” 

That was absolutely already done in Megan’s mind. She was a 12-year-old girl who from a very young age generally smothered our non-compliant Shih Tzu, hung out with our family German shepherd for hours upon end, and persistently worked to get her hands on any form of dog possible.

So the research began, the Chick-fil-A job was obtained and Our Family Journey Began!

As a family, we began to explore what arenas might be available for opportunities for Megan to learn, train, and compete in some sort of sport work with a dog of her choice. After much research, conversation, and thought, we collectively decided that adding a specifically bred, working-line German shepherd to our family would be the right choice for us.

Unknowingly, these events would set the stage for our family to move down a path to becoming something we never imagined  

A Family Business that would have the Privilege of Producing and Training Our Very Own Brave and Faithful K9s!

We were not totally unfamiliar with the amazing aspects of the breed since our family pets for the previous 20 years had always included these incredible canines. We had even chosen to allow one of our family German shepherds to have a one-time litter.  We loved this experience and spent much of our time with our little fur balls.  We had just never considered entering into the sport-work arena that is available or becoming professional breeders.

Moving forward we finally found the puppy of all of our dreams

After close to two years of researching and searching, we found... Platon z Jirkova Dvora (Rone)-An amazing, interactive, little fluff ball German shepherd imported straight from the Czech Republic. 

Rone would become our joy and sadness all in one

The purchase of Rone came with our first introduction to the sport of IGP/Schutzhund (Obedience, Tracking & Protection work). In order to obtain breeding rights to Rone, the contractual requirement was put in place to obtain a BH and IGP1 (IPO1) title. We agreed to set the course for this goal as a family, and the adventure began.

A Funny Sidenote

So we (Greg, Janie, and Megan Clouse) thought, "Sure, NO Problem. We can all learn about the sport of IGP/Schutzhund; we are dedicated people. Megan has a natural love for dogs. As a matter of fact, we all love dogs. We aren't afraid of a 'little IGP' work!"....LOLOLOLOL! Those of you who have trained/competed in this sport understand the credulousness of this thinking! 

So our new life began of "The Road Trip Dog-Mobile Life"...LOL!

As a family, we all began to travel to "far and wide" places to find IGP/Schutzhund Trainers and IGP/Schutzhund Clubs to pursue this dream. And at the age of 14, Megan ordered her entire world around learning to take care of this new little puppy’s needs, train him in the basics of obedience, and relentlessly learn about the IGP/Schutzhund sport through reading, videos, blogs, websites, private training...anything that she could get her hands on really. Some great family memories were truly made in these adventurous times as we traveled together and watched hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of Megan training in IGP, attended seminars together, traveled to trials and events and across states together, and bonded as a family through it all.

Our Heartbreak

The moment came for Rone to have (what we thought would be) a routine hips and elbows exam.  It was not routine at all.  Our conversation of future plans and hopes for Rone and all that we would do with him were quieted and crushed when the veterinarian stepped into our room to inform us that Rone would NOT pass his hip exam; his left hip was mildly dysplastic.  We were stunned.  Tears immediately began to run down Megan’s face along with sobs on our 2 hour ride home. 

It was a devastating time for all of us

The questions of what the longevity of Rone’s joint health and comfort ran through all of our minds.  The excruciating feeling of loss of the exciting dreams that had been in the process of developing for over 4 years, and the dedication to the a thousands of hours of training that Megan had literally put her whole heart into-gone in a moment.

Learning to Persevere

Much was learned from this difficult time and healing has taken its place. We all refused to set aside our dreams despite some of the heartbreaks and adversities that had been experienced along this journey. It was still important for Megan to finish the goal that she originally committed to with Rone regardless of the fact that Rone would never get to be part of our breeding program and for all of us to continue to persevere together.





Rone will probably be the only dog that Megan will ever spend so much one-on-one time with. She has acquired valuable knowledge and many new skills for training in the sport of IGP/Schutzhund with him as her constant, enthusiastic companion learning right along with her. 


As a family, we are learning to trust God's plan for this journey and continue to encourage one another and accept the inevitable hardships that will come but move forward to the next part of our journey with thankfulness. This journey has been an unexpected adventure with its ups and downs, but we would not trade Rone for anything.  Big Goof Ball!

Together Megan & Rone Earned Certification for Obedience, CGC, BHx2, and IGP1!!!!!


"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28

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