the "dream big" litter


 April 4, 2020

all 7 puppies have gone to their new homes

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This pairing produced bama jama working puppies!

suitable for IGP/Schutzhund, Mondioring, top Sport, Agility, Search & rescue

trained Personal protection, extremely active family pets

Erra Marcona is an extremely highly titled, working-line, Czech Import. One would need to search world-wide to find a working-line female that could equal her accomplishments. The titles that she has obtained are enough to showcase her amazing abilities.

Equally distinctive, Lanzo Van Arne's Hoeve, competed in the USCA IPO 2017 NATIONALS, the 2019 USMRA National Championships, & most recently, represented part of TEAM USA competing in the largest FCI Mondioring World Championship to date

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Erra Marcona


We believe the working foundation that was bred into these Erra & Lanzo puppies will give others who have “Big Dreams” an Incredible Head Start by beginning with puppies with NATURAL ABILITIES that have been proven generationally in parents, grandparents, great grandparents, & beyond! 


The Dream Big" Litter Produced

Pushy, Confident, & Determined puppies that Exhibited Exceptionally Strong Food & Prey Drives.

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