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Frankie was born on March 26, 2020 at Brave and Faithful K9 as part of our A-Team 2020 Litter. She soon found her "Furever Home" with OCPD Sgt. Meagan Burke as her personal working-line GSD. Meagan had followed our BFK9 IGP/Obedience Trainer virtually for quite sometime with the aspirations of training her own working-line GSD someday and having an interest in the K-9 Unit of the OCPD Police Department.
Her love for her dogs from youth was VERY evident.

During her service on the OCPD Police Department, Meagan had the opportunity to be part of the Drug Interdiciton Unit with her own department supplied Working Drug Dog. During this time, Frankie became part of her personally loved pack at home.

Then a very sad and unexpected tragedy occurred on September 29, 2022. Sgt. Meagan Burke lost her life due to a motor vehicle accident. Sgt. Burke had served on the OCPD Police Department since May 2016. Meagan was only 31 years old. 

Sgt. Meagan Burke was a personal acquaintence of ours and a fellow OCPD Police Officer of BFK9 Co-owner, OCPD Sgt. Greg Clouse. Meagan's wish for Frankie's care, in the event of the loss of her life, was that Frankie be placed in our care at Brave and Faithful K9.
We sadly honored this wish. 


In memory of

OCPD Sgt. Meagan burke

the perfect HOME

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Ridinger Family!

When Luke and Kerise Ridinger saw our post that Frankie was available for adoption and the story behind this sweet girl, they had a heartfelt draw toward her. 
There was a unique comradery from the beginning with the "Police Family" aspect of this story as Luke has served as a Firefighter for many years. Also, Luke and Kerise have a special connection with Brave and Faithful K9 as they own their very own GSD from our BFK9 Legacy Litter 2021.

So a Meet and Greet was set up for Frankie and the Ridinger Family. It was the MOST PERFECT FIT from the beginning. Frankie happily checked out the family, played chase with her ball with everyone, ran around with the boys, interacted with treats and some obedience work, and
ended right up next to Kerise ready for some Loving.

Frankie settled right in with her new family!
Frankie met her new Pal, BFK9 Tala
Went on a 2 mile walk/jog with Tala and her new mom, Kerise
Was introduced to the chickens
Chased her ball (Her FAVE!)
Chilled out with the Fam & Tala!
Practiced her Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Leave-it

The Ridinger Family Actually...FOOOO REAL live on FRANKIE LANE!!!

new Beginnings




the Puppy Frankie

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