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vd-annie kla-sla bh/vt, igp3, zvv1 


Annie Kla-Sla Pedigree Link

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We are SO excited to announce the arrival of our long awaited for, VD-Annie Kla-Sla BH/VT, IGP3, ZVV1!


Annie is a Czech import female who by the young age of 2 already has a plethora of achievements following her name. Under the training and handling of Antonín Hanzal, Annie achieved the top exam of IGP3 at 23 months of age and "knocked it out of the park" with a score of 284. 


Annie has good retrieve drives, rigorous defense drives, and is a skilled tracker.  She has a beautiful head, thick bones, and excellent conformation. Annie is a confident female and yet is also very sweet and enjoys receiving affection. When we picked her up from the airport she took everything in stride and settled into her new home with no issues.


Annie has an absolutely loaded pedigree behind her with generations of proven workability to a very high degree. In her pedigree, you will find dogs such as V-Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz IPO3, FH2, 2xBSP, KKL1, SG-Champ vom Schlob Birkenstein SCHH3, BUNDESS-FCI, BSP, WUSV 2008, KKL1, V-Tyson von der Schiffslache SCHH3 (3xBSP), IP3, KKL1 and many more!


Titles, Scores, & Dates of Accomplishments

IGP3 284 (90, 98, 96)

Achieved at 23 months old!

IGP2 (274)

Achieved at 22 months old!

IGP1 (265)

Achieved at 18 months old!

ZVV1 286 (98,93,95)

Achieved at 17 months!


Achieved at 15 months old!


health testing


Annie’s Health Testing:





Thank you to Antonín Hanzal for the use of these pictures

v4-erra marcona ipo3, zvv3, fh2, fpr3, zps1, cgc, kkl1

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Erra Marcona Pedigree Link

ERRA MARCONA is a highly titled Czech Import and dream dog for Brave and Faithful K9.  One would need to search world-wide to find a working-line female that could equal her accomplishments.  The titles that she has obtained are enough to showcase her amazing abilities. Under the training and handling of Antonín Hanzal by the young age of 22 months old, she had passed 10 working exams including top IPO3, ZVV3 ("Only 3 to 5 dogs yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash" Ehert German Shepherds), and FH2 and has since added FPr1, 2, & 3 titles to her resumé. Erra’s breed survey results are excellent as well: Breed Survey: 5JV1/P. 

Erra is an extremely dark sable and is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. She is V4rated (Excellent in Show) and has a beautiful head. Her temperament is EXTREMELY CONFIDENT; and yet, she is very social. Not only is she a fantastic sport dog, she is also a very REAL dog.


Erra has had exceptional progeny in the past; several having gone on to be very successful in the working world. Erra's son, Henry Marcona, obtained his IGP3, ZVV3, & FH2 by the age of just three years old! 

Her pedigree is OUTSTANDING and, without a doubt, contributes to her many successes.  She comes from Czech bloodlines with proven workability and excellent health. 

Titles, Scores, & Dates of Accomplishments


ZVV1 (100,92,93)-5/1/16

BH (55)-5/15-16

ZVV2 (98,72,92)-5/29/16

IPO1 (99,94,92)-7/5/16

FH1 (99)-7/24/16

IPO2 (99,91,84)-8/20/16

IPO3 (100,90,84)-9/4/16

FH2 (98)-8/25/16

ZVV3 (98,86,86)-10/30/16

ZPS1 (96,96)-11/12/16

FPR1 (100)-5/28/17

FPR2 (98)-9/16/17

FPR3 (97)-10/22/17


CGC 10/05/2020 

health testing

Hips and Elbows: HD a(0/0), ED (1/0) 

DM Clear: N/N



  1. BH—A German Companion Dog Title. This title tests for obedience and temperament.

  2. FH1,2—Advanced and Superior Tracking Titles awarded by the SV.

  3. FPr1,2,3—Advanced tracking tests

  4. IPO1,2,3—International Prufungorden (International Working Tests) These test in the areas of Focused Tracking Skills, High Performance Obedience, & Controlled Protection work.

  5. ZPS1—Protection title

  6. ZVV1,2,3—"Czech and Slovak (ZVV/SVV) title is a utitiliy dog system. More realistic and demanding on all levels as compared to the thousand of dogs that acquire a SCH3. Only 3 to 5 dogs yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash. In obedience, heeling with turns an about turns are dictated by the judge, so you never know where or when you will turn" (Ehert German Shepherds)

  7. CGC- Canine Good Citizen


Breed Rating (KKL1)—ESPECIALLY recommended for breeding by the SV!

vd-Abraxas Seahawk

newly earned igp1

bh, cgctkn, tki

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Abraxas Seahawk Pedigree Link

abraxas is a dog with abundant energy and a huge talent for work. Her greatest pleasure in life is not having her belly rubbed, but rather being out on a training field working her tail off. She has a love for pleasing her handler and trains with an enthusiasm, intensity, and accuracy that captures an audience's attention. Abraxas is very quick and flashy in obedience and does everything with joy. Despite her love of work, she also has a nice on/off switch where she can lay down and be content entertaining herself.  Recently, she has been showing her skills in the protection phase of IGP/Schutzhund and showcases nice technique and hard genetic grips. Not only is she a great working dog, but she is also a picture of beauty with her plush coat and excellent structure. She produces Eager-to-Please Puppies with Exceptional Temperaments, Superior Workability, and Excellent Health.


BFK9 IGP Trainer, Megan Clouse, and Abraxas earned the IGP1 title on April 17, 2021.






APRIL 17, 2021!

ABRAXAS Received High obedience & High IGP1

Watch Megan and Abraxas' IGP1 Routine


Titles & Dates of Accomplishments

we are proud to announce...

abraXAs seahawk obtained her

1.  bh title Nov. 23, 2019

2.  TKN April 2020

3. TKI July 2020

4. CGC October 5, 2020

5. NEWLY EARNED IGP1 April 17, 2021

BFK9 Igp/Schutzhund Trainer

Megan Clouse



 health testing 

Hips: B

Elbows (0/0)

DM Clear: N/N

A Unique Story About our Purchase of Abraxas 

The morning that we purchased Abraxas was sunny and yet lightly raining.  We had put a great amount of consideration, research, and prayer into what type of female that we would like to add as our first breeding female. When we walked outside to take Abraxas home in the western sky was a double rainbow; yes, a double rainbow!  This may seem inconsequential, but to add to the uniqueness of this beautiful display of colors, the previous name of the place of business that we were at was “Noah’s Ark” a former boarding facility recently purchased by a new business. This really is true! Just check out the last 2 pictures below.

Road Warrior Empress


Newly earned tr1

cgctkn, tki

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Road Warrior Empress Pedigree

Road Warrior Empress is a medium sized female with beautiful dark pigmentation.  She has high energy and medium-high ball and food drive.  She loves to keep busy, and there is never a dull moment when she is in the room.  She is quick and snappy in her obedience work and shows high amounts of intelligence.  Empress is very meticulous and methodical in her tracking; we expect her to carry on her outstanding family tracking heritage.  She is training in bite-work/protection and is showing good amounts of confidence. It is worth mentioning that she has an uncommonly, intimidating male-like bark.


Our Brave and Faithful K9 IGP/Schutzhund trainer, Megan Clouse, has been diligently training Empress from "puppyhood" for the past 3 years and has obtained the titles listed below showcasing all of their accomplishments. We are very excited about this talented girl!

Side Note: Road Warrior's secret talent is catching flies...LOL!






APRIL 17, 2021!



Titles & Dates of Accomplishments

we are proud to announce...

Road warrior empress obtained her

1.  TKN April 2020

2. TKI July 2020

3. CGC October 5, 2020

4. BH October 11, 2020

5. Newly Earned TR1 April 17, 2021

BFK9 IGP Trainer, 

Megan Clouse


health testing 

Hips and Elbows: HD a(0/0), ED (0/0) SV Standards

DM Clear: N/N


Road warrior empress bh practice

this is an example of the routine for this exam.

a temperament test is also part of this exam for the dog to demonstrate safety among people and in a variety of scenarios

Road warrior empress Lowes Outing