Meet our BFK9 IGP/OBEDIENCE Trainer

Megan clouse

Megan has been training in the sport of IGP/Schutzhund (Obedience, Tracking, and Protection) for 6+ years.  During this time, Megan has gained valuable insight not only from personal research but also from pursuing practical apprenticeships with professionals who have been working in the areas of breeding and training in Schutzhund for decades.  Part of her educational journey in IGP has included attending 2 incredible seminars with Professional European trainers, Peter & Connie Scherk & Renata Machova Angelovova.  Megan has a passion for furthering her knowledge and training skills by constantly continuing to learn from those who have gone before her, researching relentlessly, and

Megan's credentials

1. Six+ years of IGP/Schutzhund Training Experience

Check Out Titles Megan has earned with her personal GSDs during this time!

2. Certified CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator

3. Newly Accomplished IGP Helper Certification

5. Megan has taken multiple BFK9 Puppies through the BFK9 Puppy Blueprints Program,  & has placed AKC Trick Titles on multiple BFK9 Puppies before going to their "Furever" homes

4. AND... 50 & counting BFK9 Puppies have passed through Megan's beginning training & evaluation

Peruse our website and Facebook @braveandfaithfulk9 to see her with her personal GSDs and our BFK9 Puppies, as well as Current Training Videos and Updates.


Megan clouse


helper certification


Megan has accomplished multiple titles
with her personal German shepherds

platon z jirkova dvora 

bhx2, igp1, CGC


BFK9 Trainer Megan & Rone In Action

BFK9 Trainer Megan & Rone In Action

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  • Megan & Rone have earned the following together: 

  • Certification for Basic Obedience

  • CGC Canine Good Citizen 

  • BH through LV DVG America

  • BH through USCA

  • IGP1 Nov. 23, 2019 LV DVG

vd-Abraxas Seahawk
Bh, IGP2, cgc, CGCA, tkn, tki


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Abraxas & Megan

spring trial April 17, 2021

Road Warrior Empress
 bh, TR1, Cgc, tkn, tki


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 Empress & Megan


Earned High Obedience & High IGP1


  • Megan & Abraxas Seahawk have earned the following Titles together:

  • BH November 23, 2019 through LV DVG America

  • TKN April 2020 through AKC

  • TKI  July 22, 2020 through AKC. 

  • CGC October 5, 2020

  • IGP1- April 17, 2021

  • CGCA- April 2022

  • IGP2-April 30, 2022

  • Megan & Empress have earned the following Titles together:

  • Megan & Road Warrior Empress  have earned the following titles together:

  • TKN April 2020 through AKC

  • TKI June 2020 through AKC.

  • CGC October 5, 2020

  • BH October 11, 2020 through DVG

  • TR1 TRACKING TITLE-April 17, 2021